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The Legend of Zanther (Vicious Magick Series Book 4)

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This is Zanther & her husband. They lived on the Mississippi in Tent City in the 40s... -- Helen Mcdiarmid Note: Tent Cities were related to flooding on the Mississippi, the lingering affects of the Depression, the shortage of housing during WWII...or all three together. At the peak of the flood the MIssissippi was 60 miles wide right below Memphis. Large numbers of people lived in refugee camps, about 350,000 were in tents. Other major flooding occurred in 1936 and 1937.

The app, which is purposed for “collaborative content creation,” costs just $2.99 and was developed by Zanther. For an idea of what it does, check out the one-minute clip below… Although, if you’re like me, you might be left wondering what the heck you just saw happening.

Zanther Taposé Ill-fated MS tablet tech comes to iPad

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Posted: 8/18/2015 11:44:25 PM EDT
Meth Lab?
"I am compensating. If I could kill stuff with my dick from 200 yards I would not need a firearm would I?"-Zanther
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courtesy of Taposé from developer Zanther

iOS App of the Week Oh the irony. Microsoft cancelled plans for its Courier tablet when Apple launched the iPad, but the Courier’s two-screen design has now found a home on the very device that killed it off, courtesy of from developer Zanther.

In the second book of the Vicious Magick series, Zanther and Novanostrum find themselves robbed of their powers just as Upper Kleighton faces its greatest threat--a woman who wants nothing more than to have her child, a child prophesied to destroy the world.