Zdenko Kovavic, Univ. of Zagreb, Croatia

Fuzzy Controller Design: Theory and Applications (Automation and Control Engineering)

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Prof. Zdenko Kovacic, Dr. Tamara Petrovic and Goran Vasiljevic attended the EC-SAFEMOBIL Final Review Meeting in Brussels, Belgium where they presented and successfully defended the results of the last project period of LARICS research team in this FP7 project. The meeting finished successfully with the positive feedback of the Project Officer and the Review Committee members.

Job Fair is the event organized by FER seen in the eyes of students as a unique opportunity for them to meet potential future employers. This year FER was present also as an employer offering a number of vacant positions, from doctoral to postdoctoral. Ever since our postdoctorand Domagoj Tolic left to Dubrovnik, LARICS is offering a free postdoctoral position at the project . Therefore, Prof. Zdenko Kovacic and Dr. Damjan Miklić took part in the FER Job Fair and at the FER’s stand presented the ADORE project to the interested parties and distributed leaflets hoping to attract the right person for the project.

Zdenko Kovacic (Author of Fuzzy Controller Design)

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    Conference Paper: Multi-layer Mapping-based Autonomous Forklift Localization in an Industrial Environment
    Cited in 2 publications:
    • Vehicle Pose Estimation in Cluttered Urban Environments Using Multilayer Adaptive Monte Carlo Localization
      Jan Rohde, Inga Jatzkowski, Holger Mielenz, J. Marius Zöllner
    • High-accuracy vehicle localization for autonomous warehousing
      Goran Vasiljević, Damjan Miklić, Ivica Draganjac, Zdenko Kovačić, Paolo Lista
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    In front of the assessment committee ( Prof. Stjepan Bogdan, Prof. Zdenko Kovacic, and Prof. Mladen Crnekovic), LARICS PhD student Ivica Draganjac mentored by Prof. Kovacic successfully presented and defended the topic of his doctoral dissertation entitled „Decentralized Control of Free Ranging Automated Guided Vehicles in Automated Warehouses“. The aim of his doctoral dissertation is to extend the current state of the art practice in the Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Systems area and eliminate limitations present in current systems due to the use of centralized control architectures and predefined paths of AGVs. Contribution is intended to be achieved by development and implementation of a stable and efficacious decentralized control algorithm which ensures the following characteristics: autonomy of AGVs in respect of path planning and motion coordination; scalability of system for an increasing number of AGVs; system flexibility in terms of dynamic allocation of transport tasks and changes in the working environment; and resistance to failures of AGVs.

    Prof. Zdenko Kovacic, Prof. Ivana Palunko and Dr. Domagoj Tolic visited the research group of Prof. Ji-Feng Zhang, director of the Institute of Systems Science, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science at the Chinese Academy of Science. The visit is the part of the on-going bilateral project „Coordination Control of Multi-agent Systems“ funded by Chinese and Croatian governments. The visit included presentations of currently pursued projects, both at the Croatian and Chinese side. Well known hospitability of our hosts allowed us to enjoy our stay to full extent – we enjoyed in good food, beautiful weather with no smog at all, and a lot of sight seeing including the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City. We would like to thank our Chinese friends for all kindness and care they showed for us. We are waiting for them to come soon in our lab.