Love, Sweat & Tears: The Zelie Bullen Story

Love, Sweat & Tears


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In writing her story Zelie Bullen has been assisted by her sister Freda Marnie Nicholls, who is a rural journalist. This is their first book.

International animal trainer Zelie Bullen goes through what it takes to train animals for movies after a woman was bitten by a monkey on the set of Pirates Of The Caribbean

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  • Conway and Patrick Tighe

  • The Tighe family at the exhibition opening.

  • Charmaine New and Odette Yen with infront Tom New.

  • John Palmer

  • A scarlet hunt jacket, called a "Pink"

  • Stephen Quinn, Kate Hatzis and Joan Mayhew

  • Hilde Hooper and Mikhala Kaekins

  • Andrew Townsend with his children Harry and Rose Townsend

  • Gerard Ninnes, Katherine Morrell and Tim Dawson

  • Colleen Reeks, Tania Ward, Shaaron and Bill Ellis and Anna and David Williams

  • Zelie Bullen, Aunty Agnes Shea and NMA Director Matt Trinca++++++++

  • +++Des and Laurel Wykes with Beth and Bev Wykes

  • Neale Lavis with Ruth and Alan Chittick

  • 'Spirited' curator Marina Sear and her boys Oliver and Callum

  • A horse sculpture by Andrew Townsend and Susie Bleach.

  • A horse drawn milk cart in the 'Spirited' EXhibition

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Oyuncular ve Karakterler (20 ile limitli): Rhys Wakefield as Thomas Mollison / Luke Ford as Charlie Mollison / Toni Collette as Maggie Mollison / Erik Thomson as Simon Mollison / Gemma Ward as Jackie Masters / Sarah Woods as Woman Next Door / Sam Fraser as Kid Next Door / Makirum Fahey-Leigh as Mate of Kid Next Door / Oliver Brookes as Other Mate of Kid Next Door / Jan Ringrose as Neighbour / Bradley Orford as Neighbour / Zelie Bullen as Mother in Van / Anthony Phelan as Mr. Masters / Deborah Piper as Janet – Social Worker / Henry Nixon as Trevor – Social Worker

Zelie Bullen is a former stunt woman, turned world renowned animal trainer, who is stepping into the international spotlight as the woman who trained 'Abraham', the lead horse in Spielberg's production of the Tony award winning play 'War Horse'.
Zelie Bullen married into the famous Bullen circus family. Her own early history with its triumphs and tragedies, reads like a film script. But it's the once in a lifetime performance she drew from the horse 'Abraham' that seems set to make Hollywood history.