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Zen Cookery: Previously Published as The First Macrobiotic Cookbook


Milk Bar Banana Cake | Zen Can Cook

Zen Cooking Class is a natural and organic cooking, market shopping, and learning experience with the cooking and classroom done on an organic farm in Hanoi, Vietnam. We guide you on in an engaging and mindful journey of cooking in the Vietnamese style. Fresh, local and seasonal ingredients are always used in our classes. All classes are led by native Vietnamese teachers who speak English.

Doris Dörrie's camera greets Edward Espe Brown when he arrives in Australia to give a class on cooking, Zen, and meditation. We see him back home in Northern California as well. Brown, for forty years a Zen cook, demonstrates cooking as well as commenting on topics including anger, quiet, gleaning and waste, battered pots, and how he found his vocation. A focus of his is to demonstrate how to bring one's self to cooking and to others simultaneously. He quotes often from two masters, with several examples of Zen wit. The camera takes the occasional trip to fast food restaurants to provide contrast to Brown's approach and results. Written by

Croissants Rezept | Zen Can Cook

What is Zen Cooking?… on There’s First Love, and…

Croissants Rezept | Zen Can Cook

To accompany the Cook-Zen’s debut, THE COOK-ZEN COOKBOOK features an exciting collection of recipes with over 80 Japanese-style dishes that have been simplified for the home cook. Author Machiko Chiba has imaginative offerings for every occasion. Japanese classics such as Eggplant with Miso Sauce and Teriyaki Chicken are perfect for weeknight meals, while more inventive fare—Smoked Salmon Sushi Rolls and Steamed Mussels in Butter Soy Sauce—are perfect for entertaining.

Japan has the lowest rates of heart disease and most cancers of any country in the industrialized world, and Zen monks are the healthiest and longest-lived people in Japan. Studies have shown that diet is a major factor in their longevity. Now the life-enhancing foods of an extraordinary culture are available to ordinary people in Zen Macrobiotic Cooking.