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Zen And The Art Of Knitting: Exploring the Links Between Knitting, Spirituality, and Creativity


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I started to learn how to knit in fall 2000, when I was trapped in a Hartford hotel room for three weeks doing stockbroker boot camp. After calling the helpful staff at the , who picked out & shipped some yarn and needles to me, I muddled through beginning stitches with a 1960s learn-to-knit brochure from my aunt. I couldn’t even finish a scarf, I was so busy being a Type A perfectionist. When I moved to Boston in late winter 2002, I started taking lessons at , and really got into the process instead of the product. Zen knitting.

So the beigeness of the yarn did not bore me to tears, and neither did the monotony of knitting endless rounds of stockinette stitch. In fact I find this kind of knitting very meditative and soothing, it’s Zen knitting that suits me just perfectly. I always need at least one knitting project on the go that is just simple knitting, no thinking required, just going round and round, giving my mind a chance to either rest, wander off to wherever it wants to go or else give you a chance to chat to someone or watch some telly.

Knitting Zen | Knitting my way to Zen, and back again….

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