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Patient Zero: A Joe Ledger Novel

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Quality and Safety Awards - Nationwide Children's Hospital

While viewing Zero Patience is more important for the class discussion, students who have sufficient time may also wish to view the HBO movie of And the Band Played On for a strikingly different filmic interpretation.

At Nationwide Children’s, patient safety is a hospital-wide priority. Since its inception in 2008, the Zero Hero patient safety program has focused on changing traditional thinking from the concept that complications are expected to instead view them as a challenge to reduce, prevent and ultimately eliminate. The focus is on the opportunity to improve patient care and, in the process,”raise the bar” in patient care by eliminating preventable harm.

Cincinnati Sub-Zero Medical Division

  • Zero Patience [Extended Burn Remix]
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    As part of CMDHB’s ‘Aiming for Zero Patient Harm’ work, the DHB’s VTE Prevention Group are aiming for a VTE risk assessment to be carried out and documented within 24 hours of admission for 90% of all admitted adult patients by 31st July 2013.

    Zero Patience was written and directed by John Greyson. The film tests the allegations of Patience Zero’s responsibility of bringing AIDS to North America. The Canadian film was released in 1993 and was the recipient of a number of significant Canadian film awards.