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As an anesthesiologist in Urbana, IL, Dr. Zerris ensures patients are free of pain before (pre-op), during, and after (post-op) a surgical procedure. By administering anesthesia, Dr. Zerris ensures that patients do not feel the pain of a surgical procedure.

This guy is incredible. I saw an orthopedic surgeon that recommended a huge operation on my back. Instead Dr. Zerris did some sort of minimal incision surgery, totally got rid of my pain and I was up and out of the hospital in two days. I thank my lucky charms I found Dr. Zerris and didnt get butchered by the orthopedic surgeon

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Name Title and Company Location Updated
Vasilios A. Zerris Locum Tenens Physician
Vassilios Zerris
Boston , Massachusetts  

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This guy saved my life. He took out a tumor from my brain with a little camera from my nose. I saw another neurosurgeon in Houston who wanted to make a big hole in my skull. I am so Lucky I found Dr. Zerris

This man is more than a doctor he is a miracle man. I had a tumor in my brain and every other surgeon said I would die if I had surgery or at the minimum be blind. Dr Zerris told me evertyhing would be OK. He did surgery on me, took the whole tumor out and I left the hospital a few days after. Every day I pray to God to keep Dr Zerris well, bless his hand and give me strength so he can keep performing miracles like the one he did for me!