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Zeta Ray’s Court determined lack of credibility speaks volumes about her character. But never has anyone stepped so far over the boundaries of humanity than Zeta Ray in intentionally preventing the peaceful passing of her father.

With the addition of immorally seducing her younger step-brother who was only 12 at the time, Zeta Ray seduced and sexually abused her older sister beginning when Zeta was 8 years old until the older daughter was forced to leave the family to get away from her. It is believed that both parents knew or should have known the extent of Zeta’s deviations when she turned up pregnant while professing her violet-sky Christian faith at 17 years old. The father? That would be her older sister’s former lover.

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  • It might be Zeta Rays that we should be ..

    Zeta’s mother wrote a declaration effectively stating Zeta Ray is misguided. Zeta’s son, Joshua, was shocked as an adult to learn that his mother never bothered to reveal her failed malicious pursuit.

    Zeta attempted to drag her father into her seemingly psychotic belief system. It took the Court no less than 60 seconds to determine Zeta Ray lacked credibility and the motion she set in motion was whacked.