(A book in the Zibby Payne series)

Zibby Payne and the Wonderful, Terrible Tomboy Experiment (Zibby Payne) (Zibby Payne)


The Zibby Payne series by Alison Bell - Bildungsroman

In addition to writing the ''Zibby Payne'' series, Alison Bell is also the author of Let's Party! and Fearless Fashion from the ''What's Your Style?""""series. She lives in South Pasadena, California, with her husband, two sons, and a very spunky daughter. She has been interviewed about the ''Zibby Payne'' Series on The Today Show and KTLA Channel 5 Morning News, and in several L.A.-area newspapers, as well as FamilyFun magazine.

The second book in the Zibby Payne series..."Acting is for sissies!"...There is no way Zibby Payne is trying out for the school musical - until, that is, she discovers that the main character in the play is a soccer star ...just like her...

Zibby Payne and the Trio Trouble

  • タイトル:  Zibby Payne & the Trio Trouble:ZIBBY PAYNE & THE TRIO TROUBLE(Zibby Payne)
  • Everyone's favorite Total Tomboy, Zibby Payne, ..

    ZIBBY PAYNE & THE WONDERFUL, TERRIBLE TOMBOY EXPERIMENT: The first book in the new Zibby Payne series...It's the first day of school, and Zibby Payne can't believe how much her friends have changed ...for the worse! At recess, all they want to...

    Everyone's favorite Total Tomboy, Zibby Payne, is back, with more of her precarious, and hilarious, navigation of the ups and downs of sixth grade. Zibby's new best friend Gertrude and old best friend Sarah can't stand each other, so Zibby swings into action with Operation Friendship Campaign. And, it works ... too well! Gertrude and Sarah end up bonding more with each other than with Zibby, whose peacemaking efforts have resulted in Zibby Payne, Party of One. As Zibby tries to figure out how to turn this smug duo into a happy trio, she discovers that Gertrude isn't who she seemed to be and in fact, purposefully drove Zibby and Sarah apart using not-so-nice tactics. Can Zibby save Sarah from the toxic friendship or will Sarah think it's just Zibby's jealousy talking?