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The Girl Without a Name is Sandra Block’s second novel, and also the second to feature Dr. Zoe Goldman. Zoe is a resident in training on her pediatric psychiatry rotation at the Children’s Hospital of Buffalo in New York. It is a difficult rotation for Zoe because she finds working with mentally ill children depressing. Zoe has her own problems, too. She is still mourning the death of her mother and the breakup of her relationship with the beautiful, very French Jean Luc. Plus, she is on probation for flunking her RITE (residency in-service training examination) and with all the stress, her ADHD is even more difficult to manage.

Zoe Goldman
2014 Arab Projects Coordinator
Zoe Goldman joined FotoFest in 2013 in preparation for the FotoFest 2014 Biennial, working on Arab press and community outreach. As an undergraduate at Princeton University, she combined her major in Near Eastern Studies with a minor in visual arts, and is excited to be working with both for the 2014 Biennial. Zoe has lived in Cairo, Morocco, and most recently Singapore, where she worked as a writing teacher for 11th grade students at a Singaporean public school.

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When you first found Zoe Goldman in Little Black Lies, did you know you wanted to carry her story forward in a series? And how did you find Zoe? What came first--the story or the interesting woman that narrates it?

The character came first for me. Walking up the stairs one night, I noticed a pattern of moonlight on the laundry room floor which reminded me of blood spatter. (Odd, yes I know.) I envisioned a little girl in there, scared and alone. She quickly grew into the quirky but intelligent Zoe Goldman, now a psychiatry resident. Then, I had to go backwards and figure out how she got in that laundry room.