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Select a pot that is the diameter of the Neo Zoe plant and add potting soil so that it reaches the base of the leaves to provide support for the plant. Use a light-colored plastic pot with generous holes in the bottom for quick drainage.

Neoregelia ("Neo") Zoe plants are a smaller variety of bromeliads that are the easiest and most versatile of the species. Neo Zoe plants do well indoors, developing particularly beautiful foliage and a small tuft of petals that bloom in the center of the plant. Due to its smaller, more understated bloom, the Neo Zoe is not the most popular bromeliad, but it is one of the easiest to grow. With the correct indoor placement, watering regimen and air flow, the Neo Zoe plant will flourish with very little muss and fuss.

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    Place the Neo Zoe plant in bright light to full sun to get the best color, and make sure the plant is in an airy, ventilated room. Avoid temperature extremes, and don't place the Neo Zoe next to a heating or cooling vent.

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