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Dream Meanings: What Does it Mean When I Dream About Sex, Zombies, Flying, and Falling Teeth?

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What Dreams About Zombies, the ..

Zombie dreams also mean that you are in some sort of a problem in your waking life. This problem is either increasing on its own, or you are simply ignoring it. It is time for you to face the problem and solve it, rather than running away from it.

Zombie dream meaning you have some troubles, in generaly. How you dream zombie is more important. So:
Chased by zombie, and running away from them in a dream means you still don’t have a good answer to the issue you have.
Killing zombies in a dream means you will find solution to your problems very soon.
If you were fighting with zombies in your dream, someone unusual will help you with advice.
If your nightmare included zombies apocalypse, you will have big conflicts with your family next days.
When zombie attacked you from nowhere, you will be surprised next day, but that don’t need to be bad surprise.
Zombie games in dream means you are taking serious issue very uncomfortable. You shall be more serious about life.
Hunting zombies means you will have to find someone help you find solution for situation you will get in next few days.

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    A zombie dream means that your mind enjoys the fantasy of beingscared and feeling the tingling excitement you get from horrorfilms and scary movies. The dream might be triggered by yourwatching television or movies or playing video games involvingzombies. Yet again, your mind might use the images of zombies torepresent all of the different adults (teachers, parents, etc.) whotry to make you learn and think the way they do (brains!) and toget you to grow up to be like them (just like zombies want to makemore zombies!)