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The Legend of Zorro

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The Legend of Zorro is a campier sequel, occasionally given too much to childish antics. But once the story really kicks in, it transforms into a fine adventure film and a worthy addition to the Zorro film legacy.

This foreign film starring Alain Delon incorporates several elements of McCulley's original story into a new setting in South America and heralds a return to the more playful aspects of the Zorro legend.

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Title: The Mask of Zorro (1998) 6.7 ..

This film starring Tyrone Power is considered by many critics to be a cinematic masterpiece. The film expands on McCulley's original Zorro legend and brings greater depth to the character.

The next significant entry in Zorro's history is the 1939 movie serial, . Reed Hadley portrays a very confident and decisive Zorro who faces some of the most difficult predicaments that any Zorro ever faces. Many of the action sequences and stunts which are associated with the Zorro legend are first performed by Hadley's Zorro in this serial. Zorro is seen leaping off of a wall onto the back of his horse; Zorro cuts a man's suspenders so that his pants fall down; Zorro jumps across a deep ravine on his horse; Zorro swings from a chandelier; and Zorro is trapped on a suspension bridge when the ropes holding it are cut. Zorro also once again has a band of caballeros assisting him, just like in the original story and 1920 film.